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HaCkeD By MuhmadEmad

Long Live to peshmarga

KurDish HaCk3rS WaS Here



  1. 1:23 Minah cute tics, i love her!

  2. NESARA イルミナティ


  3. MinAh!!!!❤❤❤❤

  4. 1:43 cute respectful Minah! 😂😁 😀

  5. 숨은한국인찾기

  6. 1:26 Hyeri kind of reminds me of Bomi

  7. The good old days.
    Girls Day should revive the five, even if it is just for one performance.

  8. sojin so cute I love them <3

  9. at 00:59 im like :O:O:O

  10. Minah ♥

  11. i love yura and jihea they are the best

  12. yeah right, she's over shadowed by the other members … but now its good that she always stand out on every performances and mv's so im happy ^__^

  13. Same here, buddy 🙂
    It's so sad she's really underrated however :c

  14. I really love sojin <3 shes perfect … she have a unique personality !!
    She's my bias in girlday

  15. Yeah, SoJin is just perfect… ;3
    She's so cute, beautiful, funny and talented… 짱! *-*

  16. Hahh till now im still viewing this , so funny <3
    I LOVE GIRL's DAY <3

    SOJIN so gorgeous..

  17. lol hair

  18. 2:25 – 2:27 lol sojin <3

  19. LOL definitely one of the dorkiest groups out there

  20. Oww i love it :3
    Funny and cute
    Are great my girls! !!!

  21. OMG Sojin, you look so hot in that yellow swimsuit.

  22. cant believe minah is thinking about practicing a surgery to those beautiful eyes

  23. when I see the guy doing Minah's stunt I instantly think 'WHITE CHICKS!' hahaha

  24. 0:50 – oh my god @ her pose :-L

  25. นาโน ฮานะ


  26. LOL at 1:27 it looks like she is doing the WOP dance XD so cute!

  27. so cute *^*

  28. Give love to the director you must be a big girls day fan thanks for helping me I 'repay in the next life you know

  29. These girls are too freaking cute to handld

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