girl’s day걸데최고_나를잊지마요@뮤직트라이앵글(MusicTriangle)20121114

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girl’s day걸데최고_나를잊지마요@뮤직트라이앵글(MusicTriangle)20121114

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어디가면있을까요? : Mnet K-POP

girl’s day걸데최고_나를잊지마요@뮤직트라이앵글(MusicTriangle)20121114
매주 수요일 오후 6시 KM / Mnet 동시생방송

오늘업이에용 : 2012-11-15 01:52:31
girl’s day걸데최고_나를잊지마요@뮤직트라이앵글(MusicTriangle)20121114
매주 수요일 오후 6시 KM / Mnet 동시생방송


  1. minah nuna jet black hair omo

  2. 민아화이팅 데이지 화이팅

  3. 1. Comparing to the other live performances, this is Mina's best performance.
    2. I really like their outfit in this performance.
    3. Mina-ssi should try a rock song because of her "husky" voice.

    Girl's Day fighting~ Daisy fighting~ ^_^

  4. 혜리팬 모여라!

  5. 광주SM실용음악학원 572-0345

  6. 소진안무실수했다중간에ㅋㅋ

  7. 소진안무틀렸다중간에ㅋㅋㅋ

  8. 이노래이후 대박났지.

  9. 15944 글케할짓없냐? 왕따는 놀고잇내 밥먹고할짓없으면 잠이나쳐자 찔러보고잇어 에휴

  10. Yura<<<<<3333333

  11. dislike? whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? girls day is cute and amazing :3

  12. 정말 이에요?

  13. 이번에 노래 좀 개안은데

  14. 노래 진짜 좋은데 왤케 걸스데이 인기가‥ㅠ 다들 이쁜뎅

  15. groups like this are the ones who should win on music programs

  16. 민아짜응

  17. 걸스데이좋음 너무이쁘다!

  18. 대박이거브아걸표절함??

  19. she left to go back to school

  20. Where's the fith member?

  21. is it just me or does the beginning totally sound like an after school song?? "because of you"??

  22. i love this hairstyle more (hyeri) then another one that looks like a witch 😛

  23. SOJIN !!!!!! I think I'm in love <33333333

  24. much appreciated xD

  25. Somehow i feel that hyeri look like sohee . *just my opinion

  26. Wait,i thought Minah was the main vocalist?? And Sojin was a lead vocal??

  27. could someone put the names and time signatures please?

  28. MINAH<333333333333

  29. Pretty good :))

  30. Minah saranghe !! I to go korea only for you 3

  31. keep uploading please!

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